The Kansas Association of Farm Service Agency County Office Employee (KASCOE) is an organization that represents the county level employees of the Farm Service Agency (FSA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This professional association represents the interests of all county office employees of the FSA, regardless of membership. KASCOE is affiliated with the National Association of Farm Service  Agency County Office Employees (NASCOE) which was chartered in 1959 to provide a nationwide, nonprofit nonpartisan, nongovernmental association through which the county committee employees of the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) could render better service to American Agriculture by having a national medium for the exchange of ideas and information, and to facilitate closer cooperation in working toward solution of mutual problems.

In the “USDA Reorganization Act of 1994”, Congress combined the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, and the agricultural lending programs of the Farmers Home Administration into a single Farm Service Agency. However, the Federal Agriculture Improvement Transition Act of 1996 (FAIR) created a new agency for Risk Management.

KASCOE and NASCOE continue to represent the county office employees of the “new” FSA. Our objectives are: (1) To assist in every way possible to assure successful operation of the Farm Service Agency and the attainment of the agency’s objectives, (2) To cooperate with common interest groups and organizations to conserve and improve our nation’s natural resources, (3) To secure equitable salaries, working conditions, and retirement provisions for all county office employees, and (4) To promote professionalism of our workers. NASCOE membership is strictly voluntary. Of the approximate 10,600 eligible county FSA employees, more than 85 percent are members. Each state has an independent state organization. These state associations are affiliated with the national organization (NASCOE). The affiliates each have two members serving on the NASCOE Board of Directors.

Since 1962, NASCOE has been granted exclusive recognition to represent full time ASCS county committee employees in negotiation with management on terms of employment and working conditions. After the USDA reorganization of 1995, FSA granted NASCOE exclusive recognition to represent FSA county office employees in negation with management. Most of our affiliated State Associations have similar agreements with management at the state level. All Officers, Executive Committee Members, and Standing Committee Members are full time FSA employees who perform their NASCOE duties on unofficial time. Travel and business expenses are paid from membership dues.